quote.jpgHi Dee,

Thanks for the great evening at Radley Run.  You are at the hub of a wonderful, exciting, energizing, high spirited group of women! I'm just very excited to get to know these fantastic women--and also to keep them in mind when I or my friends or relatives need their services.  I am so impressed by the women I've met so far.  They are full of courage and working so hard, so many hours, to reach their dreams, always thinking forward and juggling their personal lives and their businesses.  WIM isn't just a networking group--it's a support group, with the members reaching out to each other.  I love the spirit of it.


Judy Moser
Psychotherapist & Life Coach

quote.jpgHello, my friends,

I want to first thank you, Dee, for your love, care, support, and promotion of each of us 'WIM Girls'.  Because of YOU, businesses blossom, connections are made, and friendships form.  You are most appreciated, loved, and admired.  ~thank you!

Jean, Thank YOU for this wonderful gift certificate to The Marketing Department, all that you do for WIM (and each of us), your sponsorship, friendship, and support.  It was so amazing to win your generous gift, as Dee and I just spoke of this the day before our dinner!  YOU are awesome!  

I'm putting some plans together, and I'll be in touch...

Much love, many blessings, and big hugs!


Cynthia Goch
Author ~ "MaMa Mia Cucina"
~A Flavor of Good Food and Good Family


quote.jpgJust a short note to thank you again for inviting me to re-join the WIM group. What I've been missing! I had such a wonderful evening. So many interesting, fun, hard working, fabulous women all in one room. Huge amounts of laughter, love and energy in that room.

Once again, you have done a wonderful job of putting this event on. The venue was lovely and the food.........amazing. I enjoyed (and ate) every morsel.

I have passed the word to a number of my friends who own business and I am very hopeful they will be attending a meeting and joining this great group.

Thank you so much again for all your hard work. You have a huge heart - I thought your collection for the family in need was a beautiful gesture.

Looking forward to many, many more fun times ahead. Glad to be back!

Lynn O'Leary, President
Professional Interiors, Ltd.


quote.jpgThank you for a wonderful evening, you are amazing and your positive energy sets the mood everytime.

Carole, Full Circle Flavors


quote.jpgI just wanted to congratulate you for the great event last evening. I enjoyed meeting several women there. I hope to be able to join you at a future gathering, and would be interested in an opportunity to present our book,
Knowledge Matters, at one of your upcoming events.

Chris Messner, CKM
Knowledge Matters

quote.jpgHi Dee, I enjoyed your Wellness Expo on Tuesday. I seemed to be a huge success.

Beth Alois
Keller Williams Real Estate

quote.jpgHello- I represent Excellence Training Camps, Inc. We were at the business expo event on Tuesday and I would love to become a member- and join your awesome networking group!!!

Julie Hatfield

quote.jpgAs always, you pulled it off with grace and it was such fun!

Susan Notaras

quote.jpgDee. It was a pleasure meeting you at the WIM event! I thought everything went smoothly. I made some great contacts and reconnected with some old friends. Great job!

Debi Dunn


quote.jpgThat was a blast! You are amazing in your ability to put this together. Who didn’t have fun? The place was drop dead fabulous, from setting to service to food. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Thanks again for your support and for creating this wonderful networking group.

Susan Stavish

quote.jpgThank you for a wonderfully eventful event on Tuesday! It was ALL positive feedback, and great interest. Your outreach and hard work is appreciated by many...

Thank you!
Cynthia Goch

quote.jpgThanks so much for having me. You did a fantastic job as always putting this event together.


quote.jpgA brief note to tell you how much I enjoyed the evening of visiting and networking at the Desmond Hotel. Among such a diverse group of people I met with old friends and hope to make new ones. Congratulations.

Ana M Negrón, MD